Purposeful. Patient-Centred. Agile. Ethical.

RARMS is committed to patient-centred and community-centred care.  Consistent with this comitments, RARMS Clinical Goverance Committee has been formed to oversight clinical quality and safety, recommend policies and protocols, conduct clinical reviews and quality assurance programs, and investigate concerns regarding clinical practice.

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Mark Burdack


What drew me to RARMS was the genuine commitment of the Board and staff to working with communities to find solutions to their own health needs.  I am absolutely committed to community-led health planning because local communities are the experts in their challenges and needs.  I learn so much every time I talk to someone on the street.  RARMS has given me the chance to help to create sustainable health solutions, by empowering local communities.

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Rohan Langstaff

GM, RARMS Health

RARMS actually delivers services on the ground to rural, remote and Indigenous communities.  Having worked in primary care for over a decade, it is nice to wake up in the morning and know you are making a change on the ground.


Tracy Haig

GM, Telehealth

Innovation drives RARMS to create solutions for rural, remote and Indigenous communities that have national application in addressing workforce need.  RARMS is all about how we improve health outcomes by increasing the availability of local doctors and health professionals.


Melanie Freeman

GM, Organisational Strategy & Performance

I have worked in rural general practice for many years and RARMS has given me the opportunity to use data and local insight to help us to align health services to community need.


Tegan Cattle

GM, People & Culture

Working with committed local people and doctors in some of our most remote and disadvantaged communities is not without its challenges, but it is so rewarding to help build local capacity so that communities have the skills to manage their own future health.


Croydon Dowley, GM, Financial Sustainability & Management 

Working with RARMS is like juggling one hundred balls while riding a unicycle.  This is the most challenging environment I have worked in.  But it is also rewarding to know that every day I am helping to save lives.